Dear Broderick’€™s fans;

Welcome to the first Broderick’€™s Ice  Cream Parlour Newsletter. Why a newsletter you say; well, because we have lots to tell you!

You’€™ve already read a little bit about us on our home page, this was written back in April. Here it is mid July and we’€™re having a great time!

It is our wish, our passion, to continue the strong tradition that has made Broderick’€™s a destination for more than 25 years.

Our customers are coming from as close as right here in ‘€œPort’€ and as far away as Australia and Argentina, and these are repeat customers. They keep coming back for more. And more we have. Since we opened we have added a debit machine because you wanted it.  We’ve added more and more flavours of scrumptious ice cream like Cappuccino Extreme [one of my personal favourites], Saint Jacob’€™s Apple Pie [-sweet!], Crème Brule and Key Lime Pie.  Make sure to ask for a sample taste next time you’€™re in.  Donna has also added a delicious, handmade Belgian Waffle featuring a home made waffle, choice of ice cream, a sundae topping, whipped cream and a dusting of icing sugar.

We are also working to become ‘€œgreener’€ with no Styrofoam, less plastic, and recycling wherever we can, especially the hundreds of ice cream tubs we empty every week!

For all the dog walkers, look for our watering dish just beside the front door. It helps to wash down the ice cream treat you may be sharing with your pet.

One constant has been our wonderful staff. Most of the girls are back for this season, some for the third and forth time. They are here to greet and serve every day, 11AM until 10 PM. That means all you theatergoers too! And on those really busy days rest assured that we are doing our best to make sure you’€™re served as quickly as humanly possible. We thank you for your patience.

Port Stanley is a beach resort town with numerous shops, restaurants, art galleries and a wonderful live theater.  To add to the attractions, most business owners are supporting the special event of ‘€œFirst Fridays’€. On the first Friday of every month until Nov. 5 look for special art, music and food offerings. Many shops will be open late.

Speaking of events, wow, was the Port Stanley Can Fest ever a grand event!!!  Perfect weather for the four days, July 1 to 4,with an exciting mid way, great bands all over town, special offers and menus at numerous locations and tens of thousands of visitors, with nary a hitch with traffic.

Check out our home page for more pictures.

That’€™s about it for this newsletter. Thanks for taking the time to read it and remember what Peanuts once said; ‘€œLife is like an ice cream cone, you take it one lick at a time.’€