As we enter into the 30th year for Broderick’€™s Ice Cream Parlour in Port Stanley ON, we felt compelled to share a little history of Broderick’€™s and to invite you all to celebrate the event on June 1, 2014.
Cliff Somerville, a long time resident of Port Stanley, launched Broderick’s in 1984 fresh out of university. Cliff did his research which included a stint at Disney World to learn the business.
The name €œBroderick’s€ according to Cliff had no particular significance at the time it just sounded good!
Successes in Port Stanley lead to expansion into the Saint Thomas, ON market but due to economic factors this location had to close a few years later. Cliff then expanded and improved the Port Stanley location bringing it up to much of what you see today.
Cliff introduced the handmade waffle cones which are still a signature offering and customer favorite.
The shop and building were sold to Donna Deans in 1995. Donna owned it for fourteen years adding her own personal touches during which time Port Stanley grew and the business did too.
In March of 2010 Donna and Fred Heintz, who were looking for a new venture and recently having moved to Port, found the perfect fit in Broderick’€™s Ice Cream Parlour. They opened on Easter weekend and never looked back. They have continued the legacy of Cliff and Donna Deans while adding their own personal touches to include a wider product assortment, equipment upgrades and a new colour scheme.
Customers like the old fashion ice cream parlour decor, choosing our shop for numerous photo shoots over the past few seasons. We even had a wedding ceremony on site!  The expanded product offering has grown to include over 35 flavours of ice-cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, shakes, chocolate dipped homemade waffle cones, Broderick’€™s Candy Corner and the list goes on.  Thousands of satisfied customers have come from virtually all over the world to enjoy the Broderick’€™s experience.
As Port Stanley grows so do the businesses in Port Stanley, including Broderick’s. We are proud of our village and our shop.
You can view some of Cliff’€™s photos at our shop. You might see yourself in one!
And check out our web site and social media connections on Facebook and Twitter.
Please accept our invitation to come on in and help us celebrate on:
Sunday June 1, 2014, 11.00 AM-10.00 PM.